The topside structure provides support and protection for the electrical and auxiliary systems.

What it costs

About £32 million for a 450 MW floating offshore wind farm.

Who supplies them

Helideck: Aluminium Offshore and Bayards.

Structure: Babcock, Bladt, Chantiers De l’Atlantique, Heerema, Hollandia, HSM Offshore, Sembcorp Marine and Smulders.

Key facts

The topside is a complex steel structure, incorporating many safety considerations and services.

A helideck is generally specified to enable helicopter landing (see O.4.4 for further information). Offshore helidecks are generally aluminium to minimise corrosion and weight. An accident during take-off or landing can result in hundreds of litres of jet-fuel spilling from ruptured fuel tanks so stringent safety regulations are in place with the requirement for an integrated fire-fighting system. The use of helicopters for crew transfer is an integral part of maintenance and service operations for some but may only be used for emergency access or egress by others.

What’s in it

Guide to a Floating Offshore Wind Farm