Marine coordination is necessary to manage heightened marine traffic as well as multi-vessel activity on an offshore construction site.

What it costs

About £210,000 for a 450 MW floating offshore wind farm.

Who supplies them

Marine coordination is usually carried out by the developer or a subcontractor.

Suppliers of marine coordination: Asco, James Fisher Marine Services, Royal Dirkzwager, SeaRenergy, SeaRoc, Specialist Marine Consultants, Systematic, VisSim and Wind and Water.

Key facts

A marine coordinator, usually located at the base harbour or operations base, is responsible for the coordination, control and exchange of information between all contractors working on the site. A marine management software system is used to plan and monitor vessel and personnel movements.

The main tasks of the marine coordinator include:

  • Monitoring all vessel and personnel movement (as well as helicopter) from, to and inside the offshore wind farm perimeter
  • Ensuring no conflict from simultaneous operations
  • Ensuring the authorisation and access of appointed persons on the site, and
  • Communicating with all vessels and helicopters.

What’s in it

Guide to a Floating Offshore Wind Farm