Health and safety equipment provides personnel with access to vital equipment to reduce the risk of injury, and to provide equipment to assist in emergency situations.

Who supplies them

Aspli, Trauma Resus, Viking Life Saving Equipment and WFE Safety.

Key facts

A comprehensive set of health, safety and personal protection equipment is carried in the project vessels or stored in each turbine. Running stock is maintained at the onshore O&M logistics facilities.

Turbines have basic emergency equipment to permit overnight occupation in the turbine in the event of personnel being stranded due to access restrictions.

Typical health, safety and personal protection equipment includes:

  • Advanced medical kits
  • Ear defenders and safety eyewear
  • Emergency communications devices
  • Emergency rations and water
  • Eye-washing kits
  • First aid kits for minor injuries
  • Fire extinguishers and suppressants
  • Fuel and diesel spill kits
  • Gloves and safety boots
  • Rescue equipment including descenders, spinal boards and stretchers, hub rescue equipment, and
  • Survival suits, personal locator beacon, life-vests, and floatation devices.

What’s in it

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